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Friday, January 18, 2013

3 Tips to Enhance Cloud Computing Safety

Cloud computing is the latest technology used in computing all across the world. The virtual ways of securing and transferring data have become quite popular amongst the tech savvy generation. Cloud computing has made the task so easier for the world. Conducting meeting, giving a presentation, storing the works of a project and what not; everything can be done through cloud technology smoothly no matter where you are.

‘Preparing for an official meet while on wheels’ - Have you ever thought this would have been possible? But it is possible now. All credit goes to the advanced technology of cloud. But when you are using this technology, are you sure this is safe to use and you have the right security tools?
Data Security has always been a major concern when you are using the virtual technology. Suppose you save a data and it is lost by any chance. Therefore, you should take proper measures to get rid of this data disaster.
Cloud computing is extensively used in organizations and businesses. Cloud is a great tool for the organizations which deal with huge amount of valuable data. So, its time that you should check out the cloud security tricks and tips.
Cloud Computing Safety Tips to Prevent Data Disaster. For more on Security of your Computer, visit our Security Section.

Keeping the Backup of the Data

Even though you are using the cloud technology, you should have the backup not only in cloud but also on your system. There is no denying of the fact that cloud is a great tool, but it is advisable and smart to keep the backup of the data in an external drive also. Never ever keep all your eggs in the same basket. Backup of the data should be distributed.

Logging In Smartly

As you know by now that using a simple password or an easily answerable security question is not at all an intelligent act. You should use a password combining numbers, alphabets and characters so that it a bit complex and different from the others. Again, you should not use similar passwords for several accounts. This makes hacking so much easier. If one can hack one of your accounts, he will get access to the other accounts as well. For more on getting back your hacked account, read => What to do when Your Email Account is Hacked?

Encryption of Data

Data encryption is essential to stop hacking of the account. Encrypting the data code and scramble your data and prohibit the hackers from tracking your information. This requires you to take a little amount of pain and effort but it is worth making the effort.

You can now use cloud technology without the fear of data loss.

Author’s Bio: Brian Smith is a business professional. He uses the cloud technology immensely for his business purpose. Since all his data is transmitted through virtual system, he ensures that he has the perfect remote data backup support for his business.

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