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Friday, August 24, 2012

Never Pay For Anti-Virus Software Again

Anti-Virus software is very important for maintaining the longevity of your computer. However you don't have to pay a lot of money for your software. There are many ways to get top anti-virus software and not pay a lot of money.

We, on, always persuade users to get themselves secured and this post covers the main aspect of security, the Anti-Virus Program. Being secured not only helps you fight viruses but also Speeds-Up your Computer. Three ways to get great anti-virus software for free are school or company sponsored programs, online, and through after store rebates. Each of these sources give computer users access to excellent protection for their computers. They only need to meet the different agreements involved with each offer. Most are pretty easy to fulfill. For free school sponsored software one great option is Symantec. The company that makes Norton software make it, and many public schools offer it with school sponsored computers and to enrolled students in general. For software downloaded online the best full protection software programs are AVG and Commodo. For rebates, stores such as Best Buy offer savings for Kapersky and Norton software.

School Sponsored Software
School, especially college is an investment in the future. The biggest secret about college is the dividends start the moment you enroll. Many public and private institutions offer programs that provide students, with financial need, free computers and software. As long as students abide by the rules and terms, they have access to high level software at steep discounts and even for free. One example is Symantec Anti-Virus. The same company that produces Norton Anti-Virus programs produces the program so it has the same functions. At the University of North Carolina, the software comes pre-loaded on their ITS laptops. It is also available for download from School servers. For those not in school, you can take advantage of similar programs at your workplace if your job requires use of computers.

Free Online Software
The beauty of the internet is that you can find a free or ad-supported version of most software if you know where to look. The top free anti-virus programs online are AVG and Commodo. Both of these programs have high ratings with tests by respected tech publications such as PC magazine finding that these programs find 88 percent of all known malware. This is a pretty reliable record. The best part is that these programs are available for download on their own websites and on trusted software sites like If you still don't feel secure with the coverage offered by these programs, there are also free spot clean software packages such as Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware and Norton Power Eraser. Each will erase targeted viruses and software, your normal anti-virus software might miss.For more free stuff visit our Free Stuffs section.

Free After Rebate Software
A new trend for electronics and computer stores is to bundle free anti-virus software with their computer and laptops. This encourages customers to buy their products and other services in the future. Staples offer two such deals. The first is for Titanium Anti-Virus. This software normally prices at $40, but with a discount and mail-in rebate the software is free. This deal also applies to McAfee Anti-Virus Plus 2012. Best Buy also has a free after rebate program with Kapersky. Free after rebate software is great because it is commercial software with all the functions. Free programs online have basic functions, but don't have the extras found with commercial programs. You normally have to buy a full version. However, free after rebate software provides a way for software companies to make their money and still not cost you a dime.

To learn more about securing your PC’s, visit our Security section.

Tega Jessa is a freelance writer specializing in science and technology articles. He is savvy shopper that is always looking for a TigerDirect, or Newegg promo code to so he can indulge in his passion for hardware and software.

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