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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4 Free File Syncing Tools to Link Multiple Computers

Online file syncing allows you to link multiple computers via a single storage account online. You can then create a shared folder on each computer that you own. From that point on, any file that you save on one computer is automatically saved on your other computers and in your online storage account.

One of the best free tools I ever found as an internet marketer was a little tool that allowed me to sync files between multiple computers. The idea of file syncing didn’t sound too impressive to me at first, but I gave it a shot and was blown away at how much time and money it saved me.

How does that help so much? Well, it helps in two ways. First, it gives me the flexibility to work from multiple computers without having to constantly e-mail files to myself or keep track of file versions. All I have to do now is save the document on whatever computer I happen to be at, and that file is updated across every other computer.

This comes in handy because I can quickly switch between my laptop and home computer. It also helps when I make trips to visit family and need to work from their computer. All I have to do is log in to my storage account, download my files and get to work. It eliminates all the trouble that comes with juggling multiple versions of files on multiple computers.
Second, online file syncing provides a nice backup solution. Every file that I save in my shared folder also gets backed up online. So if my hard drive dies, I still have the latest version of every file backed up and ready to go. It also makes it easier for me to upgrade to a new computer or a new hard drive.

Dropbox was the first file syncing tool that I used, but it’s not the only one out there. There are several great options that are entirely free. They never ask for your payment information and they never expire.

1. Dropbox

Let’s start with Dropbox since that was my first file syncing tool. Dropbox is nice because it is incredibly simple. You get 2 GBs of free storage space and a desktop application that you can install on any number of computers. Once you have Dropbox installed, you can start using it by saving all your work documents inside the “Dropbox” folder on your computer.
You can get Dropbox on

2. SpiderOak

SpiderOak is a strong competitor to Dropbox. Not only does SpiderOak provide simple file syncing, but it works on Windows, Mac and Linux systems alike. SpiderOak can even sync files between different operating systems. I also like SpiderOak because it has the best security standards in the industry.
You can get SpiderOak at

3. SugarSync

The biggest advantage of SugarSync is that it offers 5 GB of storage space instead of just 2 GBs like the above tools. Other than that, SugarSync does pretty much the same thing. It allows you to share files and folders, sync to the cloud and edit your documents while offline.
You can get SugarSync at

4. iDrive

iDrive is the most feature-rich tool on this page. It provides file syncing, online backup, file sharing, continuous data protection and more. The free account comes with 5 GB of storage space and you are never forced to upgrade. iDrive isn’t as well-known as Dropbox or SpiderOak, but it’s definitely worth checking out.
You can get iDrive at

About the Author:
Wes Burns is a self-employed marketer and freelance writer. He writes regularly for the file storage website

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  1. This is wonderful. I am not quite familiar with the internet, but I beleive that what I just read is some good material. Thanks for continuing to write such wonderful articles. God bless.

  2. Okay...been trying to do this for my wife forever. She usually has to email me stuff. Great help. Thanks so much. The networking has made it so much easier!!

  3. I have to say that dropbox was our go to storage in the office until Google Drive was released, it's much cheaper than dropbox and we have got on really well with it so I would totally add Google Drive to the list (it's new)

  4. Keep up the good work. These articles are something special!

  5. Been a fan of Dropbox and I'm probably going to use Dropbox forever (or until Dropbox exists). It's great to use Dropbox because it's fast and simple to use.

  6. A great article that you are sharing is very helpful.
    keep it up!

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  7. It seems to be useful tools. I was only aware of drop box. Will try other. Thanks for the share.

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  10. Thank you for sharing this great information.You have shared great file syncing tool. I have recommended this to my friends. Good luck for the next blog.

  11. In addition to the recently launched Google Drive online storage, which some commenters mentioned, Amazon Prime accounts also come with 5 GB of online storage. Obviously Prime is not a free service, but the online storage is an extra boon and backup in addition to these free services.

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