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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to Earn 100$ per day with Adsense!!!

Read the whole post fully.

The story of most of the People!!
This post will be beneficial for all bloggers who earn through adsense or want to earn $$$ through it. Most of the beginners do is.
1) Create a blogger. Copy some content and apply for adsense straightaway.
2) If he knows about Domains, will buy a Domain name[any one which he likes] and get started and after some Traffic hits he will apply for Adsense.

Or even if you are accepted in the above circumstances, you will not make Good $$$ and will get frustrated, then you will
1) Start clicking your own Ads.
2) Ask your friends to click it.
3) Then Come in the forum and ask for Click Exchanges.

And you wil get kicked from Adsense.

You will abuse Google, Adsense Blah Blah.
Reason you are kicked: The Advertisers pay money to get conversions. Your Junk and Useless clicks will make them loose their money. Hence Google will give a kick on your Ass.

The mistakes by most of you (including PROs)

1) You do not know anything about Keyword Research.
2) You select Random Crap Domains.
3) You copy articles, don't know about Uniqne content.
4) You try to reach the Limit of 100$ which is the Payout limit per month and if you don't reach the limit, in the process may click some Ads of your own [thinking google would never find out as There are billions of Users of Google]
5) And Lastly You are not sure How to Earn $$$ with Adsense.

Last but not the least you go to a "Adsense Guru" who Tells you:
1) Put some Unique content on your site.
2) Do some Keyword Research.
3) Wait for Visitors to come and click on the Ads.
The most Famous sentence of their’s And see the $$$ Flowing.

But you do not understand anything and Leave it.
Most of the topics and discussions Related to Adsense doesn’t benefit you a lot.
Everything comes from Experience.

I bet 99% of the People wouldn’t know this completely!! 

 Let's get Started.

Keyword Research means selecting the right keyword for the Domain.

Say we take "Dating" Niche (same as in another Thread)



We will use the Above 3 Links.

First Link: You have to find the Keyword for which there is less competition say 1000 to 7000 searches per month is Ok.
Select Exact searches and Show all columns.

See the CPC as in

As you can see 8.46$ for a Single click
You may get little less and little more.

So Adsense is basically a simple Stat.
For 100$ a day you need 100/8.4 = 11.82 = 12 clicks per day.

And CTR of 3.75 is considered The perfect 

 So 12 clicks : 3.75
?? : 100

1200/3.75= 320

So you need 320 targetted visitors a Day on your site with the Keyword "Dating Services" to get 100$ a Day.

If you put Unique content[written by you] with Keyword in the title and in the first Paragraph with a density of 2-5%.

You need to Rank High in Google for that keyword and for that we are going to use a good domain name.

You can copy the Keywords and use the Multiple Domain checker.

Select the exact keyword in either com, net, org or info.

Say like

The guy in the other thread just simply told you that it will get you 1$ per click and you will earn $$$.

Ask yourself you will earn with this or that?

Want 8.46$ per click or any single amount is Ok?

You need to invest a lot of time in Keyword Research.
Find the keyword be sure to register the domain name within 4 Tlds.

4$ CPC
1,000-6,000 Exact Global Searches per month is a good example.

Good Luck.

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  1. Good post. I don't understand why would some people click on their own ads. Google will trace them by IP right away and ban them from AdSense.

  2. Its very informative and attractive for me, before read your post i have decided that i will launch my own blog and try to earn money but i have don't much knowledge about it but now i can say after read your post that i have basic and strong concept about it. And i am agreed with Digital dog some people who don't have an idea they always do it and after get banned situation they cry.

  3. This is a great article, thanks for the information.

  4. Keywords research is important indeed. An original name for your service could also help.

  5. I have visited a lot of blogs to learn about Google Adsense but here i found the most detailed post on this topic.
    Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer

  6. I would try and find a niche where the compition isn't as strong so you get to #1 on Google but get less $$$

  7. I feel inclined to agree, Google would just punish you. i make money through my site. look: Free Mac

  8. what can i do to register google ads ? i have beeb tru to register more time, but google not accept ...

    This is m own site:

  9. You really opened my eyes to using Adsense. This article will come in handy down the road for me.

  10. Thats cool but there are a lot of other moments. CTR 3% is VERY good CTR but you must reach it. This cames with right developed template.

  11. Very nice information shared by you. I was just searching this type of information and luckily I got it from your blog. I like your blog also. Keep it up.

  12. Amazing! This is very helpful to many people. Thank you for sharing this article. Great idea!

  13. I have been looking for someone to explain to me how to use the keywords to earn with Adsense. I am bookmarking this page.

  14. ma opinion..adsense pays the very less it requires the hard work.

  15. AdSense is a nice way to monetize your traffic, and it's very easy to implement.The commission you receive per click depends on how much advertisers are paying Google for the particular ad. You will earn a share of that amount.

  16. Is it possible to make $100 per day with Google Adsense? If yes, how to achieve this target?

    Assuming that you are well aware of what is Google Adsense and how Adsense works, I will focus on how to make $100 per day with the program.

    If you are reading this article, I assume that you are already making money online and now you want to increase your income. $100 per day with Adsense is a difficult target but it is achievable. With intelligent hard work, I am sure anyone can achieve this target.

  17. Yes, my first idea to make make Dollar 100 per day with Adsense is to have 10 different websites on well researched topics with sufficient number of related articles. It has to be remembered that income from Adsense is directly proportional to Topic. There are topics that can earn $5 with a single click and there are topics and ads that will earn as low as $0.05 with a single click. For example, an ad on an article on electronics and technology will earn more than ads on articles related to pictures and recipe

  18. After choosing the topic of a website, it is time to write articles. Each website should have at least 150 to 200 good quality original and useful article. Internal linking is important. Link all related articles within a website. It is a good idea to link to other external websites or articles that are relevant to your website or article.

    Using pictures with alt tag is very important here. Pictures can bring 20 to 25% additional traffic to your website through image search on various search engines.

    Other things to consider are keyword rich good title, page description and keywords. Getting quality backlinks is as important as writing quality articles. I consider 10 backlinks from a trusted source to a single article to be excellent.

  19. I like this website as well as it without doubt has given me Some inspiration To succeed, just so Thanks.

  20. It's hard to earn money using Adsense, well not really hard since we just leave it on and we earn, but it's not a lot. It's hard to earn A LOT using Adsense. :) I've seen bloggers with loads of traffic and still not earning that much, that's why you're right about your tips especially with the use of keyword research, quality content, relevancy, the potential for earning more money raises as we follow these guidelines.

  21. Hi bro, i have above 300 visitors(daily), pagerank 3, unique content, top keywords(also my site will come in 1st if you use the keyword).

    One time my earning rate reached $40,then it reduced to $10 . Also i placed my adsense in best place. Still i am not able to reach $100.

    Note:I have another site with 500 visitors(daily),pr2.

    Average earning of the two sites is $12/daily.

  22. Hi tricksjunction ! I also want to earn 100 dollar a day. I hope that i can learn this adsense thing. I am new to seo and blogging and I hope that I can catch up with the latest methods.

  23. If you live in the Philippines and you are earning $100 US dollars a day, then you can live in a condominium and drive a brand new Honda Civic. You may think that this is cheap but in Manila you will looked at like an aristocrat. Just imagine a 1.5 litter Coke soft drink only cost 1 dollar in the Philippines. Yes, living in my country is very affordable.

  24. I am now searching google for ways to earn 100 dollars a day using the internet. I hope that there are ways do it so that I can help with my family's expenses. May God help me to see the truth in online marketing.

  25. It is very easy to say but very hard to do, because earn from adsense is not an easy job. However your points are very effective and helpful to earn money online.

  26. Thank you so much for the post. Today I understood the cpc and ctr calculation that you should. Any goal can be realistic if done with the proper research. I'll research prior to writing a new blog post and would see the results :)

  27. Thanks for this such informative post. I have been looking for someone to explain to me how to use the keywords to earn with Adsense. I am bookmarking this page.


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